The Pocket Guide to World History

Throckmorton, Francis. 1554-84. Led failed conspiracy vs Elizabeth I to restore Roman Catholicism. [Read more ...]

Thucydides. 5C BC. Greek historian of Peloponnesian Wars. Objective historical science. [Read more ...]

Thugs. Indian religious sect suppressed by British. Killed travellers to offer to goddess Kali. [Read more ...]

Thule. Northern island discovered by Greeks 4C BC. Iceland, Shetlands or Norway? [Read more ...]

Thurber, James. 1894-1961. US humorist. Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1942. New Yorker Cartoons 1931-40. [Read more ...]

Thutmose I. Egyptian king c1525-12BC. First tomb in Valley of Kings. [Read more ...]

Thutmose III. -1450BC. Egyptian king 1504BC-. Conqueror. Peak of Egyptian Empire. [Read more ...]

Tiananmen (Tienanmen) Square. 1989 student demonstrations for increased freedom crushed by Chinese army. [Read more ...]

Tiberius. 42BC-37 AD. Second Roman Emperor 14-. [Read more ...]

Tibet. 7C-838 Buddhist kingdom. 9C Divided. 1247 Mongol. 14C Yellow Hats established. 1642 5th Dalai Lama becomes ruler. 1715 Chinese suzerainty. 1792 Closed to foreigners. 1951 Autonomous within China. 1959 China crushes revolt. 1987~9 Riots vs Chinese rule. [Read more ...]

Tibetan Buddhism. Yellow Hats. Dalai Lama. [Read more ...]

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