The Pocket Guide to World History

Tilly, Graf von. 1559-1632. Flemish commander of Catholic League in Thirty Years War. [Read more ...]

Tilsit, Treaties. 1807. Russia, Prussia join Continental System. Russia free to attack Finland. Prussia surrenders to Napoleon, reduced in size. France controls Central Europe. Creates Warsaw Duchy, Westphalia. [Read more ...]

Timothy, St. -c97. Christian Martyr. First bishop of Ephesus. [Read more ...]

Timurids. 15C. Turkish dynasty established by Tamerlane. Prosperous to 1447, then anarchy. Established Mogul dynasty in India 1526-. [Read more ...]

Tinchebrai, Battle. 1106. Henry I re-unifies Normandy, England. [Read more ...]

Ting Ling. (Ding Ling). 1902-86. Chinese writer. Stories of Heroes 1946. [Read more ...]

Tintoretto. c1518-94. Venetian Mannerist painter. Sought colors of Titian with drawing of Michelangelo. Last Supper 1547. Susanna Bathing c1550. [Read more ...]

Tippecanoe, Battle. 1811. US defeat Shawnee Indians. Ends Tecumseh power. Harrison. [Read more ...]

Tippett, Michael. 1905-98. English experimental composer. [Read more ...]

Tipu Sahib. 1753-99. Indian Sultan of Mysore. Killed in Mysore War. [Read more ...]

Tiradentes. 1748-92. Led Brazilian revolt vs Portuguese. [Read more ...]

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