The Pocket Guide to World History

Three-Anti Campaign. 1951-2. Chinese communists try to eliminate fraud, mismanagement, corruption after revolution. [Read more ...]

Three Emperors’ League. 1873-75, 1881-87. Secret Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia. For mutual peace and to isolate France. [Read more ...]

Three Feudatories, Revolt. 1673-81. Ming generals unsuccessful revolt vs Manchu Empire. [Read more ...]

Three Henrys, War. 1585-89. French War of Religion. Henri de Guise fails to depose Henry III. Executed. Henry III murdered. Henry of Navarre takes throne. [Read more ...]

Three Holy Children. Biblical Hebrews who survived Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace. Apocrypha. [Read more ...]

Three Kingdoms. 220-280. Wei, Wu, Shu Han division of China between Han, Chin dynasties. [Read more ...]

Three Kings, Battle. 1578. Invading Moors, Portuguese defeated by Moroccans. All kings died. [Read more ...]

Three Mile Island. 1979. US nuclear power station accident. [Read more ...]

Three Principles of the People. 1923. Sun Yat-sen: Nationalism, freedom from Imperial rule; Democracy; Livelihood. [Read more ...]

Three Wise Men. Magi visited Jesus in Bethlehem. Guided by star. [Read more ...]

Thresher. 1963. US submarine sinks with all aboard. [Read more ...]

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