The Pocket Guide to World History

Theocracy. Government by God through clergy. [Read more ...]

Theocritus. c310-250BC. Greek originator of pastoral poetry. [Read more ...]

Theodora. c500-48. Byzantine Empress, adviser, wife of Justinian I. [Read more ...]

Theodore, St. c602-90. Archbishop of Canterbury; organized English church. [Read more ...]

Theodore of Mopsuestia. 350-428. Greek bishop. Scientific bible study influenced Nestorius. [Read more ...]

Theodore Studites, St. 759-826. Led iconoclasm opposition. [Read more ...]

Theodoric I. -534. Frankish king of Austrasia. Son of Clovis I. [Read more ...]

Theodoric the Great. 455-526. King of Ostrogoths. Conquered Italy 493. [Read more ...]

Theodosian Code. 438. Codified Roman Law. [Read more ...]

Theodosius I. 346-95. Emperor of East Roman Empire 379-. Unified East and West. Edict of Catholic faith, 380. [Read more ...]

Theodosius II. 401-50. Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire 408-. Theodosian Code. University of Constantinople 425. [Read more ...]

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