The Pocket Guide to World History

Theophrastus. c372-287BC. Greek philosopher. Led Peripatetics after Aristotle. [Read more ...]

Theorell, Axel. 1903-82. Swedish biochemist. Enzyme oxidation. [Read more ...]

Theosophy. 1875- Revival of ancient mystical philosophy. Salvation through direct knowledge of God. Blavatsky. Besant. [Read more ...]

Thermidor, Coup of 9. 1794. French moderatism after Terror. Directory. Robespierre executed. Jacobins persecuted. [Read more ...]

Thermopylae. 480BC. Spartans resist Xerxes 3 days before being overwhelmed. [Read more ...]

Theseus. Aegeus’ son. Killed the Minotaur and united Attica. [Read more ...]

Thespis. 6C BC The founder of Greek tragedy. Created actor to dialog with chorus. [Read more ...]

Thessaloniki. 315BC Rebuilt by Cassander. 168BC Rome...Byzantine. 42BC Independent. 8-12C Many conquerers. 904 Saracen. 1185 Norman. 1246 Byzantine. 1423 Venice. 1430 Turks. 1913 Greece. [Read more ...]

Thetis Disaster. 1939. British submarine fails to resurface. [Read more ...]

Thibaut IV. 1201-53. Trouvère count of Champagne, Brie, King of Navarre. [Read more ...]

Thiers, Adolphe. 1797-1877. French. Led July Revolution. Paris wall 1841. Crushed Paris Commune 1871. First president of Third Republic 1871-3. [Read more ...]

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