The Pocket Guide to World History

Thant, U. 1909-74. Burmese statesman. UN Secretary General. 1962-71. Cuban Missile Crisis. Congo. Cyprus. Six Day War. [Read more ...]

Thapsus, Battle. 46BC. Caesar defeats Scipio and Pompey’s supporters in north Africa securing dictatorship. [Read more ...]

Thatcher, Margaret. 1925-. Britain’s first woman Prime Minister 1979-. Conservative. Monetarist. Falklands War. [Read more ...]

Thaw, the. 1954-7. Relaxed government control on Soviet literature. [Read more ...]

Theater of the Absurd. 1950-70. Depicts human condition as meaningless. Beckett. Ionesco. [Read more ...]

Théâtre-Libre. 1887. Paris independent experimental theater. [Read more ...]

Thebes. 1500-335BC Boeotian Greek city razed by Alexander the Great. Oedipus. [Read more ...]

Theiler, Max. 1899-1972. South African/US scientist. Yellow fever vaccine. [Read more ...]

Theism. Belief in God’s existence by faith. [Read more ...]

Themis. Greek goddess of wisdom, justice. [Read more ...]

Themistocles. c523-460BC. Athenian archon, naval leader 493-480BC. Defeated Persians at Salamis, 480. Rebuilt Acropolis. Started Piraeus harbour. [Read more ...]

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