The Pocket Guide to World History

Tewkesbury, Battle. 1471. Yorkists regain English throne for 12 years. [Read more ...]

Texas. 16C Spanish explore. 1685 French settle. 1716 Spanish settle. 1821 Mexico. 1836 Independent republic. Alamo. 1845 US state. Mexican War. 1860-69 Confederacy. [Read more ...]

Texas Rangers. 1835. Vs Indians, border patrol, cattle rustlers. 1935 Merged with Highway Patrol. [Read more ...]

Tezcatlipoca. Evil god of Toltecs. [Read more ...]

Thackeray, William. 1811-1863. English novelist. Vanity Fair 1849. Sentimental and cynical moralist. [Read more ...]

Thailand. c1220 Kingdom. 1350 Ayutthaya dynasty. 1584 Independent = Siam. 1767 Burma invades. 1782 Chakkri dynasty. 1893 East ceded to France. 1932 Coup, Constitutional Monarchy. 1939 = Thailand. 1941-45 Japanese occupy. Military coups 1957,58,63,71,73,76,81. [Read more ...]

Thaïs. 4C BC. Athenian mistress of Alexander the Great. [Read more ...]

Thales. c624-546BC. Greek philosopher/scientist. Predicted eclipse, 585. First to enunciate the existence of natural laws of science. Water as basis of all matter. Critical discussion leads to knowledge. Static electricity. [Read more ...]

Thalia. The Muse of comedy. [Read more ...]

Thalidomide. 1958-62. German/British sedative with disastrous effects on embryo development. Led to drug regulatory agencies worldwide. [Read more ...]

Thames, Battle. 1813. US defeats British, Indians. [Read more ...]

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