The Pocket Guide to World History

Ten Thousand, Expedition of. 401BC. Xenophon leads Persian-paid Greek mercenaries out of Iraq. [Read more ...]

Ten Thousand Immortals. Core of Achaemenid army. [Read more ...]

Ten Years’ War. 1868-78. Failed Cuban rebellion vs Spain. Virginius Affair. [Read more ...]

Tencin, Claudine de. 1682-1749. French writer. Influential patron. [Read more ...]

Tennis. 12C French game. 1870 English invent lawn tennis. 1877 First Wimbledon. [Read more ...]

Tennis Court Oath. 1789. French Third Estate vows to obtain constitution. Declaration of authority of National Assembly. [Read more ...]

Tennyson, Alfred, Lord. 1809-92. English poet laureate. Charge of the Light Brigade 1855. Enoch Arden 1864. Crossing the Bar. [Read more ...]

Tenochtitlan. 1325-1521 Aztec capital, on site of Mexico City. [Read more ...]

Tenzig Norgay. c1914-86. Sherpa. Climbed Everest with Hillary, 1953. [Read more ...]

Tenzin Gyatso. 1935-. 14th Dalai Lama 1940-. In exile 1959-. [Read more ...]

Teotihuacan. c400BC-900 AD. Largest pre-Columbian city of central Mexico. Sacked by Toltecs. [Read more ...]

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