The Pocket Guide to World History

Terence. c185-159BC. Roman dramatist. Adapted Greek works. Adelphi 160. [Read more ...]

Teresa, Mother. 1910-97. Macedonian founder of Missionaries of Charity, 1948. [Read more ...]

Teresa, St. 1515-82. Spanish Carmelite religious reformer. [Read more ...]

Tereshkova, Valentina. 1937-. Russian. First woman in space 1963. [Read more ...]

Terman, Lewis. 1877-1956. Introduced IQ tests to US school system. [Read more ...]

Terminus. Roman god of boundaries. [Read more ...]

Terpsichore. The Muse of dancing and lyric poetry. [Read more ...]

Terror, The. 1793-4. 17000 executed by revolutionary tribunal in French Revolution. Robespierre. [Read more ...]

Terrorism. Zealots. Cagoulards. Baader-Meinhof. Irish Republican Army. Hamas. PLO. Osama. Taliban. al-Qaeda. [Read more ...]

Tertullian. c160-220. Carthaginian theologian. Influenced Christianity. Became Montanist. Founded Tertullianism. [Read more ...]

Teschen Dispute. 1919. Poland, Czechoslovakia battle over industrial, coal-mining territory. [Read more ...]

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