The Pocket Guide to World History

Telford, Thomas. 1757-1834. Menai Bridge 1826. [Read more ...]

Tell, William. 13-14C/Legendary Swiss hero of Altdorf. Shot apple off son’s head on orders of Austrian governor, Gessler. [Read more ...]

Teller, Edward. 1908-. Hungarian/US physicist. Manhattan project. Supported H-bomb. [Read more ...]

Telstar. 1962. First satellite TV between North America, Europe. First public telephone by satellite. [Read more ...]

Temesvar, Battle. 1849. Hungarian Republic re-absorbed by Austria. [Read more ...]

Temperance Movement. 1808 Begun in NY by women and churches. 1874 WCTU. 1890 Carry Nation. 1893 Anti-Saloon League. Prohibition. [Read more ...]

Templars. 1119-1312. Founded by Baldwin II and 9 knights in the Holy Land to protect pilgrims. Created International banking system, 9,000 commanderies, and owned 1/4 of Paris when dissolved by Philip IV, 1307; and Edward II, 1308. Council of Vienne. [Read more ...]

Temple, William. 1628-99. English diplomat. Arranged Triple Alliance, marriage of William and Mary. [Read more ...]

Temple of Jerusalem. First: 957BC. Solomon. Destroyed 586BC by Nebuchadnezzar. Rebuilt 515BC. [Read more ...]

Temporary Rules. 1882-1912. Russian anti-Jewish restrictions after pogrom 1881. [Read more ...]

Ten Commandments. Decalogue. Laws God gave Moses on stone tablets. Fundamental to Judaism/Christianity/Islam. No other gods, idols, swearing. Remember the sabbath. Honor parents. Do not kill, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness, covet. [Read more ...]

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