The Pocket Guide to World History

Taisho. 1879-1926. Japanese Emperor 1912-. Modernization, liberalism, imperialism. [Read more ...]

Taiwan. Indonesians. 1590 Portugal discovers = Formosa. 17C Dutch/Spanish settle. 1662 Chinese settle, expel Europeans. 1895 Japan. 1945 China. 1949 Independent as Republic of China. 1971 United Nations gives Taiwan’s seat to People’s Republic of China. [Read more ...]

Tajikistan. 3C BC Persian Empire. 711 Moslem. 1860 Russia. 1924 USSR. 1991 Independent. [Read more ...]

Taj Mahal. Built 1632-54 by Shah Jahan in memory of wife, Mumtaz-Mahal. [Read more ...]

Talât Pasha. 1874-1921. Young Turk leader. Ruled with Triumvirate 1913-18. [Read more ...]

Taliban. 1994. Militia created to unite Afghanistan under Sharia, strict Islamic law. Wahabi. [Read more ...]

Taliesin. -601. Welsh poet. Book of Taliesin. [Read more ...]

Talion. Law.Early Babylonia -18C. “Eye for an eye”. [Read more ...]

Tallage. -14C. Feudal tax on vassals by Lords. [Read more ...]

Talleyrand, Maurice de. 1754-1838. French politician under Directory and Empire. Congress of Vienna. [Read more ...]

Tallien, Jean. 1767-1820. French Jacobin. Led Rebellion of 9 Thermidor. [Read more ...]

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