The Pocket Guide to World History

Tacitus, Gaius. 55-120. Roman consul, historian: Historiae c109. Annals c116. [Read more ...]

Tacna-Arica Controversy. 1883-1929. Chile, Peru argue over provinces after War of Pacific. [Read more ...]

Taft, William. 1857-1930. US president 1909-13. Dollar diplomacy. Chief Justice 1921-. [Read more ...]

Taft-Hartley Act. 1947. US act regulating unions, strikes. [Read more ...]

Tagalog. Filipino ethnic group, official language. [Read more ...]

Tagore, Rabindranath. 1861-1941. Bengali writer. Blending eastern, western thought. [Read more ...]

Tahiti. French Polynesia. [Read more ...]

Tahiti Dispute. 1836-44. British reject Tahitian request for protection vs French. [Read more ...]

Taine, Hippolyte. 1828-93. French Positivist scientific historian. [Read more ...]

Taiping Rebellion. 1850-64. Hung Hsiu-ch’üan and Taiping socialist rebels capture Nanking 1853. Defeated by Gordon. Weakened Manchu dynasty. [Read more ...]

Taira. 9C-1185. Powerful Japanese samurai clan.. [Read more ...]

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