The Pocket Guide to World History

Tallin. 1219 Danish fortress in Estonia. 1285 Hanseatic League. 1346 Teutonic Knights. 1561 Sweden. 1710 Russia. 1918 Estonia. [Read more ...]

Talmud. 5C Palestinian, 6C Babylonian. Compilations of rabbis’ opinions and decisions. Mishna. Gemara. [Read more ...]

Tamayo, Rufino. 1899-91. Mexican artist. [Read more ...]

Tamerlane. 1336-1405. Barbaric Mongol Moslem conquerer. First of Timurid line. Routed Golden Horde. Conquered Ottomans 1402. Mehmed I. [Read more ...]

Tamils. Dravidian people settled northern Sri Lanka, southern India 200BC. [Read more ...]

Tammany Society. 1789-. Powerful NY Democratic party association. [Read more ...]

Tammuz. Babylonian god of nature and agriculture. [Read more ...]

Tamworth Manifesto. 1834. Peel’s moderate reforms as British Conservative Party platform. [Read more ...]

T’ang. 618-907. Chinese dynasty. Golden Age. Overthrown by provincial warlords. [Read more ...]

Tanganyika. Bantu. 18C Masai. 18-19C Slave source. 1871 Stanley, Livingstone. German East Africa. 1919 British mandate = Tanganyika. 1946 United Nations Trust. 1961 Independent. 1962 Republic. 1964 +Zanzibar=Tanzania. Nyerere. [Read more ...]

Tangier. 15C BC Phoenicia. Carthage. Rome = Tingis. 429 Vandal. 541 Byzantine. 621 Visigoth. c682 Moslem. 1471-17C Spain, Portugal dispute. 1661 English. 1684 Morocco. 1923 International neutral port. 1940-45 Spanish occupy. 1956 Morocco. [Read more ...]

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