The Pocket Guide to World History

Sviatoslav. 920-72. Varangian Duke of Kiev 945-. Expansion creates empire. [Read more ...]

Svinhufved, Piehr. 1861-1944. First Prime Minister of independent. Finland 1917-18,30-31, President. 31-7. Suppressed communists. [Read more ...]

Swabia. Celt. 1C Suevi. 3C +Alemanni =Swabians. c500 Franks. 1079 Hohenstaufen dynasty. 1286 Divided. 1488-1534 Swabian League. [Read more ...]

Swabian League, Great. 1488-1534. 22 cities, nobles and local leagues in southern Germany form protective alliance. [Read more ...]

Swahili. Bantu people and language of Central Africa. [Read more ...]

SWAPO. Southwest African People’s Organization for Namibian independence. 1960 Founded by Nujoma, Toiva vs South African hegemony. 1971 UN recognition. [Read more ...]

Swaziland.16C Bantu...19C Swazi. 1881 Independence guaranteed. 1894 South African protectorate. 1902 British protectorate. 1968 Independent kingdom. [Read more ...]

Sweden. c8000BC Settled. 9C Rurik establishes Russ dynasty. c1000 Christian. 1319 +Norway. 1397 Kalmar Union. 1520 Revolt. 1523 Independence Vasa dynasty. 1809 -Finland. 1814 +Norway. 1905 -Norway. [Read more ...]

Swedenborg, Emanuel. 1688-1772. Swedish scientist, philosopher. Apocalypse Revealed 1743-4. Claimed to have been to hell and heaven. Followers founded Church of New Jerusalem 1788. [Read more ...]

Swedish Academy. 1786. Awards Nobel Literature prizes. [Read more ...]

Sweelinck, Jan. 1562-1621. Dutch organ composer. [Read more ...]

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