The Pocket Guide to World History

Sweyn. -1014. Danish king c987-. Conquered Norway 1000, England 1013. Canute’s father. [Read more ...]

Swift, Jonathon. 1667-1745. Anglo-Irish satirist writer. Gulliver’s Travels 1726. [Read more ...]

Swinburne, Algernon. 1837-1909. English poet. Song of Italy. [Read more ...]

Swiss Guards. 1505- Swiss Mercenaries protecting monarchs, Pope. 600 massacred at Tuileries 1791. 1825- Incorporated in Vatican forces. Julius II. [Read more ...]

Swiss War. 1712. Protestant cantons establish dominance over Catholic. [Read more ...]

Swithin, St. c800-862. Rain fell when his body was moved, July 15, 971. (St. Swithin’s Day). [Read more ...]

Switzerland. Celts (Helvetii). 58BC Rome. 5C Alemanni, Burgundians. 6C Frank. 962 HRE. 1291 3 Cantons unite vs Hapsburgs. 1515- Neutral. 1648 Indepence recognized. 1815 Neutrality recogognized. [Read more ...]

Sybaris. 720-510BC. Wealthy decadent Greek city in Italy. Rebuilt twice. [Read more ...]

Sydenham, Thomas. 1624-89. English doctor. Popularized quinine vs malaria, iron for anemia. Described scarlet fever. [Read more ...]

Sykes-Picot Agreement. 1916. France, Britain agree on post WWI partition of Ottoman Empire. [Read more ...]

Symbolists. 19C French literary movement expressing truth subjectively by symbols. Spread to art, music. Verlaine. Mallarmé. Munch. [Read more ...]

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