The Pocket Guide to World History

Susanna. Biblical woman wrongfully accused by elders of adultery. [Read more ...]

Suslov, Mikhail. 1902-82. Soviet Communist ideologist. Invasions of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan. [Read more ...]

Sussex. 477- Anglo-Saxon kingdom. 9C Dominated by Wessex. [Read more ...]

Sussex Incident. 1916. Germans sink passenger ferry hastening US entry into WWI. [Read more ...]

Suttee. Sati. -1829. Indian widow’s suicide on husband’s pyre. [Read more ...]

Sutter, John. 1803-80. Owned California land on which gold was discovered 1848. [Read more ...]

Suttner, Baroness von. 1843-1914. Austrian pacifist writer. Lay Down your Arms 1889. [Read more ...]

Suzerainty. Authority over a state’s foreign affairs by another state. [Read more ...]

Sverdrup, Johan. 1816-92. Norwegian reformer, Prime Minister 1884-9. Trial by jury. [Read more ...]

Sverre. -1202. Norwegian king 1184-. Limited church power. [Read more ...]

Svevo, Italo. 1861-1928. Italian psychological novelist. Confessions of Zeno 1923. [Read more ...]

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