The Pocket Guide to World History

Baumé, Antoine. 1728-1804. French chemist: aromatics discoverer. [Read more ...]

Bautzen, Battle. 1813. Napoleon defeats Prussians. [Read more ...]

Bavaria. Celts. 15BC Rome. 488 Germanic tribes. 555 Franks. 788 Charlemagne...817 E Franks. 10C Duchy in HRE. 1180 Wittelsbach. 1805 Kingdom. 1871 German Empire. 1918 Republic. 1919 Weimar Republic. 1933 Germany. 1949 W Germany. [Read more ...]

Bavarian Succession, War. (Potato War). 1778-9. Prussia stops Austria from taking over Bavarian land ceded to it. [Read more ...]

Bay of Pigs. 1961. CIA-financed Cuban invasion by exiles fails. Cuban Missile Crisis. [Read more ...]

Bayard, Pierre. 1476-1524. French knight in Italian wars. “The fearless and blameless knight.” [Read more ...]

Bayer, Johann. 1572-1625. German astronomer. Star charts, 1603, include magnitude Greek symbols. [Read more ...]

Bayeux Tapestry. c1104. 70 meter illustration of Norman Conquest of England. [Read more ...]

Bayle, Pierre. 1647-1706. French religious sceptic: Dictionnaire Historique et Critique 1697. [Read more ...]

Baylen, Battle. 1808. Spanish mob defeats French army, humiliating Napoleon. [Read more ...]

Bazaine, Achille. 1811-88. French marshal, surrendered Metz, 1870. Condemned as traitor. Escaped 1874. [Read more ...]

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