The Pocket Guide to World History

Bazille, Jean-Frédéric. 1841-70. Early French Impressionist painter. [Read more ...]

Beach, Alfred. 1826-96. US inventor. Published Scientific American 1848-. [Read more ...]

Beadle, George. 1903-89. US geneticist. Role of genes in heredity. [Read more ...]

Bean, Roy. 1825-1903. US frontier judge. “The Law West of the Pecos”. [Read more ...]

Beardsley, Aubrey. 1872-98. Controversial Art Nouveau illustrator in black and white. Salomé 1894. Lysistrata 1896. [Read more ...]

Beatles. 1960-71. Liverpool pop group. [Read more ...]

Beatrice. c1265-90. Florentine woman immortalized by Dante. [Read more ...]

Beaufort, Francis. 1774-1857. English hydrographer: wind scale 1805. [Read more ...]

Beaufort, François. 1616-69. Adored Fronde general. King of Halles. [Read more ...]

Beaumarchais, C de. 1732-99. French satirical writer vs nobility. Barber of Seville 1772, Marriage of Figaro 1784. [Read more ...]

Beauregard, Pierre. 1818-93. Confederate general. Ordered attack on Ft. Sumter. [Read more ...]

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