The Pocket Guide to World History

Bathory, Elizabeth. -1614. Hungarian Countess. Bathed in blood of 600 young girls to rejuvenate. [Read more ...]

Bathsheba. Old Testament Hittite Wife of David, mother of Solomon. [Read more ...]

Batista, Fulgencio. 1901-73. Authoritarian Cuban right-wing dictator 1933-4, 52-8. Toppled by Castro. [Read more ...]

Battenberg. Family name anglicized to Mountbatten. [Read more ...]

Baudelaire, Charles. 1821-67. French modernist poet: Fleurs du Mal 1857. Influenced Symbolists. [Read more ...]

Baudin, Alphonse. 1811-51. French deputy, killed on the Barricades. Republican martyr. [Read more ...]

Baudouin I. 1930-93. King of Belgium 1951-. Independent Congo. [Read more ...]

Baudricourt, Robert. Brought Joan of Arc to Charles VII. [Read more ...]

Bauer, Sebastian. 1822-75. Invented submarine, 1850. First underwater photography. [Read more ...]

Bauhaus. 1919-33. German art institute. ’Arts and sciences should cooperate in architecture’ -Gropius. [Read more ...]

Baum, Frank L. 1856-1919. US writer. Wizard of Oz 1900. [Read more ...]

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