The Pocket Guide to World History

Sunderland, Earl of. 1674-1722. British Whig minister. South Sea National Debt scheme. [Read more ...]

Sung. 960-1279. Chinese dynasty. Reform, prosperity, culture, movable type, paper currency. [Read more ...]

Sunni. Majority orthodox Moslem sect who follow Sunnah, traditional legal, social practices. Shi’ite. [Read more ...]

Supremacy, Act of. 1534 Henry VIII establishes Church of England under monarch. 1554 Repealed by Mary I. 1559 Elizabeth I re-established Church of England. Oath required of all MPs. [Read more ...]

Suprematism. 20C. Russian school of geometric abstract art. [Read more ...]

Supreme Being, Cult of. 1794. French Revolution. Robespierre. Cult of Reason. [Read more ...]

Supreme Privy Council. 1726-30. Effectively ruled Russia after Peter the Great’s death without heir. [Read more ...]

Surinam. 1499 Spain discovers. 1651 British settle. 1667 =Dutch Guiana. 1680s Slaves brought 1948 = Surinam. 1975 Independent. [Read more ...]

Surprise Plot. 1603. To hold James I hostage for religious reform. [Read more ...]

Surrealism. 1920-. Artistic and literary movement dealing with the expression of the subconscious mind, fantasy, dreams. Klee, Dali, de Chirico, Chagall. [Read more ...]

Surya. Hindu sun god. [Read more ...]

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