The Pocket Guide to World History

Sully, Maurice de. 1120-96. Bishop; built Notre-Dame Cathedral, 1159-. [Read more ...]

Sully-Prudhomme. 1839-1907. French Parnassian philosophical poet. [Read more ...]

Sultan. Islamic spiritual and political leader. [Read more ...]

Sumatra. 7C Hindu kingdom. 11C Srijava kingdom. 1509 Portugal settle.16C British, Dutch dispute. 19C Dutch colony. 1942-45 Japanese occupy. 1950 Indonesia. [Read more ...]

Sumerian Art. Realistic sculpture. [Read more ...]

Sumerians. c6000-2000BC Civilization in Tigris-Euphrates valley. First writing system. First legal code. Akkad. Ur. [Read more ...]

Summit Conferences. Cold War phenomenon involving meetings of heads of state. Geneva Conference. [Read more ...]

Sumner, Charles. 1811-74. US Abolitionist senator. Urged Johnson impeachment. [Read more ...]

Sumter, Fort. 1861. Confederate attack. First aggression of American Civil War. [Read more ...]

Sun Yat-sen. 1866-1925. Chinese revolutionary humanitarian. Failed revolts 1895, 1913. President 1911-12, 23-25. Organized Kuomintang. [Read more ...]

Sunday School. 1580 Milan. 1780 England. 1786 Virginia. Raikes. [Read more ...]

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