The Pocket Guide to World History

Suffragettes. Women seeking right to vote. Pankhurst. Anthony. Stanton. Suffrage. [Read more ...]

Sufism. 8/9C Persian Moslem movement. Soul’s personal union with God. =Islamic mysticism. [Read more ...]

Sugar Act. 1764. British law to end sugar smuggling. A cause of American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Suger. 1081-1151. French Abbot of St-Denis, royal adviser. Rebuilt abbey, initiating Gothic style. [Read more ...]

Suharto. 1921-. Indonesian president. 1967-. Brutally repressed communist coup 1965. [Read more ...]

Sukarno. 1901-70. Indonesian nationalist leader, president 1949-67. Sought communist ties. Authoritative ‘guided democracy’. [Read more ...]

Suleiman I. The Magnificent. 1494-1566. Ottoman sultan 1520-. Expanded Empire to Yugoslavia, Hungary, Greece. Besieged Vienna. Cultural expansion. Barbarossa II. [Read more ...]

Sulla, Lucius. 138-78BC. Roman consul 88-79. Dictator 82-79. Civil war with Marius. Murdered thousands of opponents. Conquered Athens. Constitutional reforms. [Read more ...]

Sullivan, Arthur. 1842-1900. British composer. Operetta form. Mikado 1885. HMS Pinafore 1878. Onward Christian Soldiers. Gilbert. [Read more ...]

Sullivan, Louis. 1856-1924. US architect. Skyscrapers. Carsonn Pirie Scott Store, Chicago 1899-1904. [Read more ...]

Sully, duc de. 1560-1641. French Finance minister to Henry IV. Helped rebuild France after Wars of Religion. [Read more ...]

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