The Pocket Guide to World History

Strathcona and Mount Royal, First Baron. 1820-1914. Canadian statesman key to Canadian Pacific Railway; drove last spike. [Read more ...]

Strauss, David. 1808-74. German theologian: Gospel interpreted as myth. Life of Jesus 1835-6. [Read more ...]

Strauss, Johann. 1804-49. Viennese waltz composer. [Read more ...]

Strauss, Johann. 1825-99. Austrian composer of 150 waltzes. Blue Danube 1867. Operettas. Die Fledermaus 1874. “Waltz King”. [Read more ...]

Strauss, Joseph. 1870-1938. Golden Gate Bridge 1937. [Read more ...]

Strauss, Richard. 1864-1949. Traditional German composer of symphonic poems, operas. Don Juan 1889. Salome 1905. Also Sprach Zarathustra 1909. [Read more ...]

Stravinsky, Igor. 1882-1971. Russian/US composer. New freedom of rhythm. Fire Bird 1910. Rite of Spring 1913, full of energy and virtuosity. [Read more ...]

Streicher, Julius. 1885-1946. German Nazi leader. Executed. [Read more ...]

Stresa Conference. 1935. Britain-France-Italy “front” vs German rearmament. [Read more ...]

Stresemann, Gustav. 1878-1929. German statesman. Gained entry to League of Nations. [Read more ...]

Strickland, Wm. 1787-1854. US Greek Revival architect. [Read more ...]

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