The Pocket Guide to World History

Strindberg, August. 1849-1912. Swedish subjective writer of novels and dramas. Miss Julie. [Read more ...]

Stroganov. Wealthy Russian merchant family 16-17C. Helped colonise Siberia 1574. Aided czars. [Read more ...]

Strohmeyer, Friedrich. 1776-1835. German chemist. Cadmium, 1817. [Read more ...]

Strozzi. Florentine noble family. Rivals of Medici. [Read more ...]

Struensee, Johann. 1737-72. German physician to Danish king. Ruled Denmark 1770-. Executed for adultery with queen. [Read more ...]

Stuart. Family which ruled Scotland 1371-1714, England 1603-1714. [Read more ...]

Stuart, Arabella. 1575-1615. Pretender to English throne. Died in Tower. [Read more ...]

Stuart, Charles Edward. Charlie, Bonnie Prince. [Read more ...]

Stuart, Esme. 1542-83. Planned rescue of Mary Queen of Scots. Exiled. [Read more ...]

Stuart, Frances. 1648-1702. “Only true love” of Charles II of England. [Read more ...]

Stuart, Henry. 1725-1807. Last Stuart claimant to English throne. Left family jewels to George IV. [Read more ...]

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