The Pocket Guide to World History

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. 1811-96. US author. Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1852. [Read more ...]

Strabe. 63BC-21. Greek historian, geographer. Cumulated knowledge in Geographica. [Read more ...]

Stradivari, Antonio. 1644-1737. Italian master violin maker 1666-. [Read more ...]

Strafford, First earl. 1593-1641. English adviser to Charles I. Executed by Parliament. [Read more ...]

Straisund, Treaty. 1370. Denmark makes commercial concessions to Hanseatic League. [Read more ...]

Straits Convention. 1841-1923. Banned warships from Dardanelles in peacetime. [Read more ...]

Straits Settlements. British colony in SE Asia 1795-1946. Malacca, Penang, Singapore. [Read more ...]

Strang, James. 1813-56. Founded dissident Mormon Strangite sect. [Read more ...]

Strasbourg Oath. 842. Charles II, Louis II oppose Lothair I. Earliest example of written French. [Read more ...]

Strasser, Gregor. 1892-1934. German Nazi leader, Hitler rival. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Strathclyde. 6C Celtic kingdom. 756 Northumbria. 921 England. 945 Scotland. [Read more ...]

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