The Pocket Guide to World History

Stanford, Leland. 1824-93. US railroad builder. Stanford University 1885. [Read more ...]

Stanhope, James. 1673-1721. English general. Negotiated Triple, Quadruple Alliances. [Read more ...]

Stanislavsky, Konstantin. 1863-1938. Russian director. Founded Moscow Art Theater 1898. Method Acting. [Read more ...]

Stanislaw I. 1677-1766. Polish king 1704-9, 1733-5. 1733 return sparked War of Polish Succession. [Read more ...]

Stanislaw II. 1732-98. Last king of Poland 1764-95. Installed by his lover Catherine II. [Read more ...]

Stanley, Henry. 1841-1904. British/US explorer in Africa 1868-95. Found Livingstone 1871. Founded Congo Free State. [Read more ...]

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. 1815-1902. US suffrage leader. First woman’s rights convention 1848. Mott. [Read more ...]

Star Chamber. 1327-1641. English tribunal to try offences against the state. Abused by Charles I. [Read more ...]

Starhemberg, Ernst von. 1638-1701. Austrian Field Marshal. Defended Vienna vs Turks 1683. [Read more ...]

Starley, John. Bicycle 1885. “Starley’s Rover”. [Read more ...]

Starr, Belle. 1848-89. US horse thief, frontier heroine. [Read more ...]

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