The Pocket Guide to World History

Stasi.1949-1990. East German secret police affiliated with KGB. [Read more ...]

States General. French Representative Assembly. 1302 First summoned by Philip IV. 14-15C Controlled taxes; failed to control government. 1789 last summoned by Louis XVI. 1=Clergy. 2=Nobility. 3=Bourgeoisie. [Read more ...]

States’ Rights. US political doctrine. Restricts federal power. [Read more ...]

Stauffenberg, Claus von. 1907-44. Failed attempt to assassinate Hitler 1944. [Read more ...]

Stavisky Affair. 1933-4. French scandal. Fraudulent bonds sold. Belief in government corruption causes riots. [Read more ...]

Ste. Chapelle. 1246-8. Paris. Architect: Pierre de Montreuil. Built to house The Crown of Thorns. [Read more ...]

Steel, Pact of. 1939-43. Germany-Italy mutual aid. Axis. [Read more ...]

Steele, Richard. 1672-1729. English dramatist, essayist. Tatler 1709-11. Spectator 1711-12. [Read more ...]

Steen, Jan. 1626-79. Dutch painter. Humourous, everyday scenes. Christening Feast 1664. [Read more ...]

Stefan Dushan. 1308-55. Serbian king/Emperor 1331-. Conquered Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia. Law Code 1349-54. [Read more ...]

Steffens, Lincoln. 1866-1936. US Muckraker. [Read more ...]

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