The Pocket Guide to World History

Stalin, Joseph. 1879-1953. Soviet bloodthirsty revolutionary. Leader 1924-. 5 Year Plans modernized Russia. 1928 Collectivization. 1932- Dictator. 1936-8 Purge. Turned Marxism to Nationalism and Imperialism. World Socialist Revolution under USSR. 1952 abolished Politburo. [Read more ...]

Stalin Line. Soviet defensive fortifications along Polish border. [Read more ...]

Stalingrad. Tsaritsyn. 1925 =Stalingrad. 1961 =Volgograd. [Read more ...]

Stalingrad, Battle. 1942-3. Russian victory over Germans. Turning point of WWII. [Read more ...]

Stamboliyski, Aleksandur. 1879-1923. Bulgarian Prime Minister, Dictator 1919-. Killed in right-wing coup. [Read more ...]

Stambolov, Stefan. 1854-95. Bulgarian regent 1886-7. Prime Minister 1887-94. Dismissed by Ferdinand, murdered. [Read more ...]

Stamp Act. 1765. British tax on newspapers and legal documents. A cause of American Revolution. Stamp Act Congress. [Read more ...]

Stamp Act Congress. 1765. Issued Declaration of Rights and Grievances vs “taxation without representation”. American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Standard Time. 1884. Standardized one hour divisions from Greenwich. Fleming. [Read more ...]

Standish, Myles. 1584-1656. English Mayflower colonist. Led Plymouth colony. [Read more ...]

Stanford, Charles. 1852-1924. Irish composer, led revival of English music. Irish Rhapsodies. [Read more ...]

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