The Pocket Guide to World History

St Helena. 1502 Portugal discovers. 1659 British. 1815-21 Napoleon exiled. 1922 + Ascension Is. 1938 + Tristan da Cunha. [Read more ...]

St Helens, Mt. 1980. Eruption. [Read more ...]

St John, Henry. 1678-1751. British statesman, writer. [Read more ...]

St Kitts and Nevis. St Kitts: Carib. 1493 Columbus discovers. 1623,4 British, French settle, dispute. 1783 British. Nevis: 1628 British settle. 1816 St Kitts +Nevis, Anguilla, Virgin Islands. 1871 Leeward Islands Federation. 1958-62 West Indies Federation. 1967 St Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla Autonomous. 1980 -Anguilla. 1983 Independent. [Read more ...]

St Laurent, Louis. 1882-1973 Canadian Liberal Prime Minister 1948-57. St Lawrence Seaway. Old Age Security. [Read more ...]

St Lawrence Seaway. Links Great Lakes with Atlantic shipping. 1952 Begun. 1959 Open. [Read more ...]

St Lucia. Carib Arawak. 17C English fail to settle. 1650 French settle. 1803 Britain. 1838 Windward Is. 1958-62 West Indies Federation. 1967 Autonomous. 1979 Independent. [Read more ...]

St Mark’s. (San Marco) 832. Venice. Built to house remains of St Mark. Rebuilt 1071. [Read more ...]

St Médard Convulsionnaires. Believers in miraculous cures at St. Médard cemetery forbidden by Louis XV in 1732: “By Order of the King, Let God No Miracle Perform in this Place!” [Read more ...]

St Paul’s. London Cathedral. 1287 Original. 1701 Wren finished. [Read more ...]

St Peter’s. 1506-1615. Vatican Basilica. World’s largest. Tomb of St Peter. Bramante. Michelangelo. Raphael. Model for many government buildings. [Read more ...]

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