The Pocket Guide to World History

St Albans. 1455. First battle of War of Roses. Henry VI captured by Yorks. [Read more ...]

St Albans Raid. 1864. Confederates attack Vermont from Canada. [Read more ...]

St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. 1572. Catherine de Medici has 2000 Huguenots killed by Charles IX. [Read more ...]

St Brice’s Day Massacre. 1002. Ethelred orders killing of Danes in England. [Read more ...]

St-Denis Basilica. 1137-44. Romanesque-Gothic transformation point. Burial place of French kings. Suger. [Read more ...]

St George’s Day Revolt. 1343-5. Estonian peasants vs Danes. North Estonia sold to Teutonic Knights. [Read more ...]

St-Germain, Comte de. 1707-84. Won favour of Europe’s courts with “elixir of long life”. [Read more ...]

St-Germain, Treaty. 1570 French Wars of Religion. 1919 Created Republic of Austria. [Read more ...]

St-Germain-des-Prés. Paris church. 990-1021 on the site of 542 monastery by Childebert. [Read more ...]

St-Germain-L’Auxerrois. 13-15C. Church by Louvre gave signal for Massacre of St-Bartholomew. [Read more ...]

St-Gervais-St-Protais. 1616-21. Church by Métezeau. First classical style building in Paris. [Read more ...]

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