The Pocket Guide to World History

Sorel, George. 1847-1922. French advocate of revolutionary syndicalism. Reflection on Violence 1908 justified violence and general strikes. Influenced Mussolini. [Read more ...]

Sosigenes of Alexandria. 1C BC. Astronomer. Julian calendar. [Read more ...]

Sothic Cycle. -238BC. 1460 year Egyptian 365 day calendar cycle. [Read more ...]

Soto, Hernando de. De Soto. [Read more ...]

Soto, Jesus. 20C Venezuelan Op/Kinetic artist. Vibration 1965. [Read more ...]

Soufflot, Germain. 1713-80. Protégé of Marigny. Architect of the Panthéon c1757-90. [Read more ...]

Soul. Immaterial essence of man. Recognized by most cultures, but in varying forms. [Read more ...]

Soulouque, Faustin. 1782-1867. Former slave, Haitian president 1847-, Emperor 1849-59. [Read more ...]

Soult, Nicolas. 1769-1851. French chief of staff at Waterloo, Ulm, Austerlitz. [Read more ...]

Sousa, John Philip. 1854-1932. US march composer. [Read more ...]

Sousa, Martin de. 1500-64. First Portuguese colony in Brazil 1532. [Read more ...]

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