The Pocket Guide to World History

Sonderbund. 1845-7. League of Catholic Swiss cantons defeated in civil war. [Read more ...]

Song-tsen Gam-po. 7C. First known king of Tibet. [Read more ...]

Songhai. 15-16C. West African trading empire. [Read more ...]

Sonnino, Sidney. 1847-1922. Italian diplomat. Encouraged Italy into WWI. Treaty of London. [Read more ...]

Sophia Alekseyevna. 1657-1704. Regent of Russia 1682-9 for Ivan V and Peter I. [Read more ...]

Sophists. 5-4C BC. Wandering Greek philosophers who taught rhetoric and logic for a fee. Protagoras. [Read more ...]

Sopho. c650BC. Greek lyric poet. [Read more ...]

Sophocles. c495-406BC. Greek tragic poet. Introduced third actor to tragedy. Antigone 442. Oedipus Rex 427. [Read more ...]

Soranus. 1-2C. Greek gynecologist. Described contraception. Dominated medicine 1500 years. [Read more ...]

Sorbonne College. c1257. Founded by Robert de Sorbon. Seat of University of Paris. [Read more ...]

Sorel, Agnès. 1422-50. First “officially recognized” mistress of French king. [Read more ...]

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