The Pocket Guide to World History

South Africa. 1910 Britain unites possessions: Cape of Good Hope + Natal + Orange Free State + Transvaal = Union of South Africa. Constitution included white supremacy. 1920 +German South-West Africa by mandate. 1948 Apartheid. 1961 = Republic of South Africa; left Commonwealth. 1990 -Namibia 1994 ANC gains power. [Read more ...]

South Sea Bubble. 1711-20. England sold trade monopolies to reduce National Debt. Their resale at speculative prices led to financial ruin for thousands. George I implicated. Walpole. [Read more ...]

South West Africa. German South-West Africa. Namibia. [Read more ...]

Southampton. 4th earl. 1606-67. Royalist adviser, treasurer 1660-7. [Read more ...]

Sovereign. 1503-1917. English coin worth 22s6d, later 10s, 11s, £1. [Read more ...]

Soviet. Basic governing body of USSR. Legislative +executive functions from local to national. [Read more ...]

Soviet Union. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. [Read more ...]

Soweto. 1976 Violent riots in Black South Africa township over compulsory Afrikaans in schools. 236-600 dead. [Read more ...]

Spaak, Paul. 1899-1972. Belgian Prime Minister. First President of UN General assembly. EEC, Benelux, NATO. [Read more ...]

Spain. c3000BC Iberians. c11C BC Phoenicians. c10C Celts. 6C Basques. c5C Carthage. 3C BC Rome. 5C Vandals, Visigoths. 711 Moslems. 801 Charlemagne. 10C independent kingdoms of Castile, León, Aragon, Navarre. 1031-1492 Reconquista. 1143 Portugal independent. 1479 Aragon, Castile unite. 1492 Moors final defeat. 1512 + Navarre =Spain. 1808 Napoleon. 1898 -Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico. Spanish American War. 1931 Republic. 1936 Civil War. 1939 Franco. 1975 Parliamentary Monarchy. ETA. New Spain. [Read more ...]

Spallanzani, Lazzaro. 1729-99. Ended the belief in spontaneous generation of life. Artificial insemination 1780. [Read more ...]

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