The Pocket Guide to World History

Sobrero, Ascanio. 1812-88. Italian. Nitroglycerine 1846. [Read more ...]

Soccer War. 1969. Honduras vs El Salvador. Triggered by football game and economic conditions. [Read more ...]

Social Contract. Hobbes political philosophy. Compact between ruler and ruled. Locke. [Read more ...]

Social Credit. 1919. Douglas’ economic theory. Give money to consumers, producers based on social credits, “liberating” production from price system. [Read more ...]

Social Credit Party. Canada. Aberhart. Douglas. 1935- Alberta, BC, federal parties. Social Credit. [Read more ...]

Social Darwinism. 19C theory that social man is subject to the “survival of the fittest”. [Read more ...]

Social Democratic Party. 1981-87. British moderate Labour centre party. [Read more ...]

Social Democratic Party. 1863. Oldest German political party. Marxist to 1959. Now less radical. [Read more ...]

Social Security. First in Germany: 1883-89. UK 1911; Canada 1927; US 1935-66. Poor Laws. National Insurance. [Read more ...]

Social War. 90-89BC. Tribal rebellion. Rome grants citizenship to all allies. [Read more ...]

Socialism. 19C-. Movement opposing Liberalism, Capitalism. Advocates equal rights, just distribution of property, well-being of proletariat through reform or revolution. Utopia. [Read more ...]

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