The Pocket Guide to World History

Socialism, Utopian. Saint-Simon’s concept of government redistributing wealth according to capacity and performance. [Read more ...]

Socialist Party. 1892 Italy; 1905 France; 1932 Japan. 1932 Canada. [Read more ...]

Socialist Party. 1901-30. US party advocating socialism based on earlier Social Democratic and Social Labor (1876) Parties. Ideas applied to New Deal. [Read more ...]

Socialist Revolutionary Party. 1901-22. Russia. Sought classless society. Suppressed by Bolsheviks. [Read more ...]

Society of Jesus. Jesuits. [Read more ...]

Socinianism. 1550-19C Unitarian-like religious sect. Christ divine by function, not nature. 1658 Poland. [Read more ...]

Socinus, Laelius. 1525-62. Italian founder of Socinianism. [Read more ...]

Socrates. c470-399BC. Greek philosopher. Knowledge is the key to influencing destiny. Ignorance leaves one subject to fate. Socratic method of teaching by dialog. Dialectic. Condemned for impiety and corrupting the young - drank hemlock. “Know thyself”. [Read more ...]

Soddy, Frederick. 1877-1956. English chemist. Isotope theory. [Read more ...]

Sodom. c1900BC. Biblical city destroyed for wickedness. Gomorrah. [Read more ...]

Sol. Ancient Italian sun god. [Read more ...]

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