The Pocket Guide to World History

Sluis, Battle. 1340. French fleet destroyed by English. [Read more ...]

Sluter, Claus. c1345-1406. Flemish sculptor at Dijon. Wheel of Moses 1395-1404. [Read more ...]

Smetana, Bedrich. 1824-84. Czech Nationalist opera composer. Bartered Bride 1866. “-Father of Czech music”. [Read more ...]

Smirke, Robert. 1781-1867. Architect. British Museum 1823. [Read more ...]

Smith, Adam. 1723-1790. Scottish economist. Doctrine of free exchange. Natural law of supply and demand. Wealth of Nations 1776. -“Labour is source of all wealth”. [Read more ...]

Smith, Edmund. 1824-93. Last Confederate general to surrender 1865. [Read more ...]

Smith, Ian. 1919-. S.Rhodesian Prime Minister 1964-79. Unilateral Declaration of Independence. 1965. Fought black rights. [Read more ...]

Smith, John. c1580-1631. English adventurer saved by Pocahontas. Founded Jamestown. [Read more ...]

Smith, Joseph. 1805-44. US Founder of Mormonism. Wrote Book of Mormon by divine revelation 1830. Murdered. [Read more ...]

Smith Act. 1940. Alien Registration Act. [Read more ...]

Smithson, James. 1765-1829. English scientist. Left fortune to found Smithsonian Institution. [Read more ...]

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