The Pocket Guide to World History

Slater, Samuel. 1768-1835. English/US. First American textile factory. Duplicated Arkwright spinning machines 1793. [Read more ...]

Slave Coast. 17-18C. Parts of Nigeria, Togo, Dahomey. [Read more ...]

Slavery. Babylon. Egypt. Greece. Rome. European colonies 1440s-19C. 1502 First blacks shipped to America. 1562- Trade. 1807 abolished in Britain, 1833 throughout Empire. 1816 Morocco abolished Christian slaves. 1851 Colombia, 1861 USA, 1930 Liberia. 2001 27M slaves in Mauritania, Sudan, Asia, Brazil. [Read more ...]

Slavonia. Pannonia. Balkans. 11C Hungary. 16C Turks. 1699 Hapsburg. 1848 Austria. 1868 Croatia. [Read more ...]

Slavophile. 19C Russian intellectual movement. Believed in superiority of Russian culture. [Read more ...]

Slavs. Asian peoples. c2500BC migrated to eastern Europe. 5-6C to Bohemia, Moravia, Hungary, Balkans. [Read more ...]

Slim, William. 1891-1970. British WWII general. Defeated Japan in Burma. [Read more ...]

Slivnitza, Battle. 1885. Bulgaria defeats invading Serbs. [Read more ...]

Sloane, Hans. 1660-1753. British collector. His legacy began the British Museum. [Read more ...]

Slovakia. <400 Slavs settle. 9C Moravian Empire(SW). 906 Hungary. 1918 Czechoslovakia. 1969 Local autonomy. 1993 Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Slovenia. Balkans. 6C Slovenes settle. 748 Franks dominate. 9C Franks split...German kingdom. 1335 Hapsburg. 1918 Yugoslavia. 1991 Independent. [Read more ...]

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