The Pocket Guide to World History

Six, les. 1917-74. French composers initiated Neoclassical. Milhaud. Honegger. [Read more ...]

Six Acts. 1819. Suppressed Radicals after Peterloo. [Read more ...]

Six Articles, Statute. 1539-1547. Henry VIII’s statement of Church of England doctrine. Persecuted both adamant Catholics and Protestants. [Read more ...]

Six Day War. 1967. Israel wins Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza, Old Jerusalem, West Bank. Opened Gulf of Aqaba. [Read more ...]

Six Dynasties. 220-589. Chinese period. Buddhism, Taoism, technical developments. Tea. Gunpowder. [Read more ...]

Sixtus IV. 1414-84. Pope 1471-. Built Sistine Chapel. [Read more ...]

Skanda. Hindu war god. [Read more ...]

Skelton, John. c1460-1529. English satirical poet. Tutor, adviser to Henry VIII. [Read more ...]

Skepticism. Philosophical attitude of doubt. [Read more ...]

Skinner, B. F. 1904-90. US Behaviourist psychologist. [Read more ...]

Slansky Trial. 1952. Jewish Czech communists purged during Stalin anti-semitism. Those executed were restored to party membership 1968. [Read more ...]

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