The Pocket Guide to World History

Shih Wang. 10 Chinese gods of Hell. [Read more ...]

Shi’ite. Major Moslem sect believing in Mahdi at the millenium. Official religion of Iran. Sunni. Fatimid. Assassin. Druze. Ali. [Read more ...]

Shiloh, Battle. 1862. Second American Civil War battle. No clear victor. [Read more ...]

Shimabara Rebellion. 1637-8. Japanese Catholics vs taxes. [Read more ...]

Shimonoseki Treaty. 1895. Ended first Sino-Japanese War. Japan gained Taiwan, Port Arthur. Korea independent. [Read more ...]

Shinran. 1173-1262. Japanese Buddhist. Founded True Pure Land sect. [Read more ...]

Shinto. Japanese state religion 1769-. All things are holy. Ancestor worship. [Read more ...]

Ships. Iron- Foss 1777. Clipper 1832. Paddle- Charlotte Dundas 1801. Screw- Archimedes 1839. Nuclear- Nautilus 1955. [Read more ...]

Shipton, Mother. 1488-1561. Predicted 1666 Great Fire of London. [Read more ...]

Shirikawa. 1053-1129. Japanese Emperor. Abdicated to avoid ceremony. Retained power. [Read more ...]

Shockley, William. 1910-89. US. Transistor 1948. [Read more ...]

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