The Pocket Guide to World History

Shepard, Alan. 1923-98. First American in space 1961. [Read more ...]

Sheraton, Thomas. 1751-1806. English Regency furniture designer. [Read more ...]

Shere Ali. 1825-79. Emir of Afghanistan. Defeated in Second Afghan War. [Read more ...]

Sheridan, Philip. 1831-88. Union general, captured Shenandoah, forced Lee’s surrender. [Read more ...]

Sheridan, Richard. 1751-1816. British comedy dramatist: School for Scandal 1777. [Read more ...]

Sherman, William. 1820-91. American Civil War general. -“War is hell”. [Read more ...]

Sherman Anti-Trust Act. 1890 US. Prohibits monopolies, restraint of trade. [Read more ...]

Sherman Silver Purchase Act. 1890-3. US increases silver purchases. Fears of gold standard abandonment started 1893 Panic. [Read more ...]

Sherrington, Charles. 1857-1952. British experimental physiologist. [Read more ...]

Sherwood, Robert. 1896-1955. US dramatist. Idiot’s Delight 1936. [Read more ...]

Shih Huang-ti. c259-210BC. Emperor 246-. Unified China. Great Wall. Burning of Books 213. [Read more ...]

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