The Pocket Guide to World History

Sennacherib. -681BC. Assyrian king. Besieged Jerusalem 701. Destroyed Babylon 689. Rebuilt Nineveh. [Read more ...]

Sennett, Mack. 1880-1960. Canadian/US film maker. Keystone Cops. [Read more ...]

Separatism. 1960-. Quebec movement for political independence from Canada. Referendum defeated 1980, 1995. [Read more ...]

Separatists. 16-17C. Factions who left Church of England. Brownists, Pilgrims, Quakers. [Read more ...]

September Massacres. 1792. Paris. 1200 prisoners killed by revolutionaries in 4 days. French Revolution. [Read more ...]

Septuagint. 3-2C BC. Oldest Greek translation of Old Testament. [Read more ...]

Sepulchre, Church of the Holy. c336. Jerusalem. [Read more ...]

Serapis. Egyptian deity of sun, healing. [Read more ...]

Serbia. 7C Serbs. 890 Bulgar Empire. 1159 Nemanya unites. 1389 Ottoman. 1830 Autonomous Russian protectorate. 1878 Independent. 1882 Kingdom. 1913 +N Macedonia. 1918 Yugoslavia. 1946 People’s Republic of Yuguslavia. 1992 +Montenegro =Yugoslavia. Kosovo. [Read more ...]

Serbo-Turkish War. 1876-8. Serbia aids Christian rebellion in Bosnia. Loss caused Russo-Turkish War, Serbian independence 1878. Berlin Treaty. [Read more ...]

Serfdom. Feudalism. [Read more ...]

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