The Pocket Guide to World History

Seminole Wars. 1817-18, 1835-42. Seminole Indians forced out of Florida. [Read more ...]

Semiramis. Assyrian queen, goddess. Founded Babylon. [Read more ...]

Semite. Descended of Shem, Noah’s eldest son. Assyrians, Phoenicians, Israelites, Babylonians. Now: Jews, Arabs of S.W. Asia. [Read more ...]

Semmelweis, Ignaz. 1818-65. Hungarian/Austrian. Puerperal fever 1861. [Read more ...]

Sempach Battle. 1386. Swiss confederates defeat Austrian Duke Leopold, ensuring independence. [Read more ...]

Senanayake, D.S. 1884-1952. “Father” of Independent Ceylon. Prime Minister 1947-. [Read more ...]

Senate. 509BC. Roman governing body. 401BC Plebians admitted. 44BC lost most power to Caesar. [Read more ...]

Seneca, Lucius. c4BC-65. Roman stoic philosopher, dramatist. Influenced Renaissance drama. [Read more ...]

Senefelder, Alois. 1772-1834. Bavarian lithography inventor 1796. [Read more ...]

Senegal. Wolof, Fulani, Serer, Tukulor. 1406 Bettencourt explored. 15C Portugal. 1626 French settle. 1895 French colony. 1959 +Sudanese Republic=Mali Federation. 1960 -Mali=Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Senghor, Leopold. 1906-2001. Poet, First president of Senegal 1960-80. [Read more ...]

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