The Pocket Guide to World History

Serra, Junipero. 1713-84. Spanish missionary to California. [Read more ...]

Servandoni, G.N. 18C Italian/French architect. St. Sulpice facade 1732. [Read more ...]

Servetus, Michael. 1511-53. Spanish Reformation writer, scientist. Circulation of blood 1540. Burned by Calvin. [Read more ...]

Service, Robert. 1874-1958. Canadian poet. Shooting of Dan McGraw. [Read more ...]

Servile Wars. Slave revolts vs Rome. 134-132BC Sicily. 102-99BC Sicily. 73-71BC S Italy. Spartacus. [Read more ...]

Sesostris I. Pharaoh 1971-1928BC. Led Egypt to prosperity. Middle Kingdom. [Read more ...]

Sesshu. 1420-1506. Japanese painter. Zen monk. [Read more ...]

Seth. Biblical son of Adam and Eve. [Read more ...]

Seti I. -1304BC. Pharaoh 1318-. Conquered Libya. Tomb in Valley of Kings. [Read more ...]

Settlement, Act of. 1701. British established Protestant Hanover succession. Limited monarch’s powers. [Read more ...]

Settlement, Pale of. 1792-1917. SW region of Russia where Jews allowed to settle, travel. [Read more ...]

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