The Pocket Guide to World History

Ségurane, Catherine. Saved Nice by frightening away invading Turks, 1543. [Read more ...]

Sejm. 1467-. Polish legislative assembly. [Read more ...]

Sekhmet. Egyptian war goddess with lion’s head. [Read more ...]

Selassie, Haile. Haile Selassie. [Read more ...]

Seleucids. 312-64BC. Hellenistic kingdom founded by Alexander’s general, Seleucus. Syria, Persia, Mesopotamia. [Read more ...]

Selim I. 1470-1520. Ottoman sultan 1512-. Conquered Egypt, Syria, part of Persia. [Read more ...]

Selim III. 1761-1808. Ottoman sultan 1789-1807. Reformed, westernized. Overthrown, murdered. [Read more ...]

Seljuks. 1075-1242. Turkish dynasty ruled Caliphate Empire. Attacks vs Byzantines led to Crusades. Nucleus for Ottoman Empire. [Read more ...]

Selkirk, 5th earl. 1771-1820. Philanthropist. Established Scottish colonies in Canada. Red River. [Read more ...]

Selkirk, Alexander. 1676-1721. Sailor marooned 1704-9. Prototype for Robinson Crusoe. [Read more ...]

Semele. Dionysus’ mother. Killed, then immortalized. [Read more ...]

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