The Pocket Guide to World History

Scutage. -14C. Payment by vassal to Lord in lieu of military service. [Read more ...]

Scylla. Rock opposite Charybdis, danger to passing ships...mythical sea monster ate sailors. [Read more ...]

Scythians. 8/7-2C BC. Nomadic conquerors of S Europe, Russia. Conquered by Samaritans. Destroyed 2C AD. [Read more ...]

Se Ami. Japanese No dramatist. Offering of the Flowers 1395. [Read more ...]

Sea Lion, Operation. Battle of Britain. [Read more ...]

Seaborg, Glenn. 1912-99. US chemist. Isolated plutonium, Atom bomb ingredient. [Read more ...]

SEATO. Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. 1954-77 for defence vs communist infiltration. [Read more ...]

Sebastapol, Siege. 1854. 11 mos. Allied Crimean War victory. First trench warfare. Florence Nightingale. [Read more ...]

Sebastian, St. -288. Martyr. Survived arrows...beaten to death. [Read more ...]

Sebek. Egyptian crocodile god, patron of kings. [Read more ...]

SEC. Securities and Exchange Commission. 1934. Founded under New Deal. [Read more ...]

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