The Pocket Guide to World History

Second Front. 1944 Allied attack from west. [Read more ...]

Secret Speech. 1956. Khrushchev call for destalinization in USSR leads to Hungarian, Polish uprisings. [Read more ...]

Secularism. Humanism. Movement toward “this-worldliness”. [Read more ...]

Security Council. UN executive. USA, USSR, China, France, UK, + 10 non-permanent. [Read more ...]

Sedan, Battle. 1870. Napoleon III surrenders to Germans. Ends second French Empire. [Read more ...]

Sedgemoore, Battle. 1685. James II defeats Monmouth. Monmouth executed. [Read more ...]

Seebeck, Thomas. 1770-1831. Russian. Invented thermocouple, 1822. [Read more ...]

Seeckt, Hans von. 1866-1936. German general. Secretly rebuilt army after WWI. [Read more ...]

Segovia, Andrés. 1894-1987. Spanish classical guitarist. [Read more ...]

Segregation. Separation of the races to maintain the advantages of one. [Read more ...]

Seguin, Marc. 1786-1875. French inventor of the suspension bridge. [Read more ...]

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