The Pocket Guide to World History

Scotland Yard. Site of Palace where Scottish kings stayed. 1829- HQ, London Metropolitan Police. [Read more ...]

Scots Confession. Knox’s Calvinist doctrine, adopted by Scottish parliament 1560. [Read more ...]

Scott, George. 1811-78. English Gothic Revival architect: Oxford Martyrs’ Memorial 1841. Albert Memorial 1863-72. [Read more ...]

Scott, Robert. 1868-1912. English Antarctic explorer. Died returning from the South Pole. [Read more ...]

Scott, Walter. 1771-1832. Prolific Scottish Romantic historical novelist. Lady of the Lake 1810; Waverley 1814; Ivanhoe 1819. [Read more ...]

Scotus. Duns Scotus. [Read more ...]

Scriabin, Aleksandr. 1872-1915. Russian composer uniting music with philosophy: Prometheus 1911. Musical symbolism. [Read more ...]

Scribe. c5C-200BC. Jewish scholar, teacher. 200BC- jurist/doctor of law. [Read more ...]

Scriblerus Club. 18C English literary club. Satirized contemporary writing. Swift. Pope. [Read more ...]

Scripps, Edward. 1854-1926. US publisher. Founded United Press news service 1907. [Read more ...]

Scrofula.(King’s evil). Tuberculosis. Once thought cured by king’s touch. [Read more ...]

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