The Pocket Guide to World History

Sarmations. 4C BC-4C. Association of Iranian tribes in SW Russia, Balkans. [Read more ...]

Sarmiento, Domingo. 1811-88. First civilian Argentine president. 1868-74. [Read more ...]

Sarnoff, David. 1891-1971. Russian/US radio-TV pioneer. Founded RCA 1921, NBC 1926. [Read more ...]

Saroyan, William. 1908-81. US writer. The Time of Your Life 1939. [Read more ...]

Sarsfield, Patrick. -1693. Irish Jacobite vs William III. [Read more ...]

Sarto, Andrea del. Andrea. [Read more ...]

Sartre, Jean-Paul. 1905-80. French existentialist philosopher: L’Etre et le Néant 1943. Social responsibility of freedom. (refused). [Read more ...]

Sassanids. 224-. Last Persian dynasty before Moslem conquest 637-51. [Read more ...]

Satan. Fallen angel later identified with Zoroastran Ahriman, the spirit of evil. Lucifer. Beelzebub. [Read more ...]

Satie, Erik. 1866-1925. Modern French Impressionist, Neoclassical composer. [Read more ...]

Sato Eisaku. 1901-75. Japanese Prime Minister 1964-72. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. [Read more ...]

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