The Pocket Guide to World History

Satrap. Provincial governor of Persian Empire. Achaemenids. [Read more ...]

Saturn. Roman god of agriculture and civilization. = Cronus. Saturnalia festival influenced Christmas. [Read more ...]

Satyr. Greek mythical man-goat. Pan. Sileni. [Read more ...]

Saud. 1902-69. Son of Ibn Sa’ud. Saudi King 1953-64. Deposed by brother, Faisal. [Read more ...]

Saudi Arabia. Arabia. 19C Divided. 1902 Ibn Sa’ud conq Riyadh. 1906 + Najd. 1913 + Hasa. 1920 + Asir. 1925 + Hejaz. 1932 = Saudi Arabia. [Read more ...]

Saul. First king of Hebrews, c1021-1000BC. [Read more ...]

Saussure, Ferdinand de. 1857-1913. Swiss linguist. [Read more ...]

Sauvage, Nicolas. French. Invented cabriolet taxi 1660. [Read more ...]

Savigny, Friedrich von. 1779-1861. German jurist, historian of Roman and medieval law. Modern system of civil law. [Read more ...]

Savonarola, Girolamo. 1452-98. Led Florence 1494- after Medici overthrow. Reformer against vice and corruption in the church and society. Burned books, paintings, luxuries. Hung+burned. [Read more ...]

Savonnerie. 1604-1826. Royal French carpet makers incorporated into Gobelins. [Read more ...]

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