The Pocket Guide to World History

Sarapis. Greco-Egyptian god. Originally of underworld, later of sun. [Read more ...]

Saratoga, Battle. 1777. American victory, turning point in American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Sarawak. 15C Brunei. 1841 Independent (Brooke). 1941 Japanese occupy. 1946 British Crown Colony. 1963 Malaysia. [Read more ...]

Sardanapalus. Licentious, effeminate king of Assyria. Burned palace on defeat- killing self and court. [Read more ...]

Sardinia. 6C BC Carthage. 238BC Rome. 435 Vandal. 534 Byzantine Empire. 10C Saracen. 1016 Pisa. 1189 Hohenstaufen +Piedmont. 1326 Aragon. 1713 Austria. 1720 Savoy Kingdom. 1796 France. 1815 +Genoa. 1861 Italy. Sardinian Victor-Emmanuel became king of Italy. [Read more ...]

Sardis. Capital of ancient Lydia. [Read more ...]

Sardou, Victorien. 1831-1908. French dramatist. La Tosca. A Scrap of Paper 1860. [Read more ...]

Sargent, John Singer. 1856-1925. Italian/US portrait painter. Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 1886. [Read more ...]

Sargon II. King of Assyria c722-705BC. Destroyed kingdom of Israel. Conquered Samaria, Babylon. [Read more ...]

Sargon of Akkad. Mesopotamian king c2334-2279BC. Conquered Sumer, founded First Semitic dynasty. [Read more ...]

Sark. 1040 Norman. 1066 English fief. 1565 colonized. 1940-45 Germans occupy. [Read more ...]

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